Protection of Screw Rod

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The screw pair can be lubricated to improve wear resistance and transmission efficiency. Lubricants are classified into lubricants and greases. Oil for lubricating oil, No. 90-180 turbine oil or No. 140 spindle oil. The grease can be made of lithium grease. The grease is added to the shell space of the threaded raceway and the nut, and the lubricant is injected into the nut space through the oil hole on the shell.

As long as abrasive particles and chemical active substances are avoided from entering the screw pairs and other rolling friction transmission elements, they can be considered to work almost without wear. However, if dirty objects fall into the raceway or dirty lubricants are used, not only the normal operation of the ball will be hindered, but also the wear and tear will increase sharply.


Felt rings are usually used to seal nut pairs. The thickness of felt rings is 2-3 times the pitch of the screw, and the inner holes are shaped as threads, so that they are tightly wrapped around the screw and loaded into the groove holes at both ends of the nut or sleeve. In addition to using soft felt, the sealing ring can also be made of oil-resistant rubber or nylon material. Because of the direct contact between the sealing ring and the screw, the dust-proof effect is better, but the friction resistance moment of the screw nut pair is also increased. In order to avoid this friction moment, a non-contact labyrinth seal ring made of harder plastics can be used, and the inner hole is made into a shape opposite to the screw thread raceway, leaving a certain gap.

For the exposed screw, the protective cover of spiral rigid belt, telescopic sleeve, tapered sleeve and folding plastic or artificial leather are generally used to prevent dust and abrasive particles from adhering to the surface of the screw. In addition to resembling the protective cover of the guide rail, one end of the protective cover is connected to the end face of the ball nut, and the other end is fixed on the support of the screw rod. This will make it more solid.

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