How to Choose Lubricant for Screw Rod

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1. Selecting Viscosity by Sliding Velocity and Average Pressure

When choosing the lubricant for the guideway, it should be selected according to the practical application of the lubricant for the guideway of machine tools at home and abroad. It can also be selected by referring to the practical application examples of slideway lubrication of motor bed at home and abroad.

2. Lubricating Oil Used as both Hydraulic Medium and Guideway Oil

According to the needs of different types of machine tool guides. It is necessary to meet the requirements of both guide and hydraulic system. For example, for machine tools such as coordinate boring machines, the viscosity of guide oil (50 C) should be higher.

But like all kinds of grinders, the guide rail lubricant is often supplied by the hydraulic system, and the requirements of the hydraulic system are higher. At this time, the viscosity of the guide rail hydraulic lubricant (50 C) should be selected lower, that is, the viscosity required by the hydraulic system.

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